Greyhound and horse racing: a legal product for the South African market

Wednesday, 28. April 2021

The South African market is one of the largest and most significant markets on the African continent and regulated legislation has made it possible to open for many casinos, betting and gambling companies.

This market is famous for some of the largest racetracks in the world, with regular greyhound and horse races and a large target audience. But how can players enjoy and diversify the waiting time for new events? We have a solution! MOHIO Sports offers a completely legal product for the South African market - Racing Bet. Our Racing Bet fully complies with all South African laws.


Racing Bet allows betting operators to accept bets on greyhound races (6 and 8 participants) and horse races (6 and 8 participants) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can enjoy the races in Full HD quality, completely immersed in the racetrack atmosphere.

With Racing Bet, players have a wide variety of bet types ranging from standard winner and runner-up bets to quinella bets.

The convenient and intuitive interface of the cashier and the player, colorful graphics, a wide variety of bet markets and fiscalization will allow you not only to work at the official level, but also to multiply and increase the number of customers in your establishments.


The product has been certified by the BMM Gaming Lab and is fully licensed for use in all nine provinces of South Africa: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape.


Racing Bet from MOHIO Sports is available for several distribution channels: classic cashier land-based version, terminal version, semi-online version with players' access via any device, API for integration into any online gaming platform and Feed integration.

Cashier land-based version. This version is best suited for land-based betting shops. Here, the cashier accepts bets from the players and pay out winnings. Events, the odds and the results and displayed on TV screens.

Terminal version. This version is designed for self-service terminals. Here the player can independently place bets and follow the event drawing directly using the broadcast on the terminal. At the same time, the creation and replenishment of game accounts, as well as the payment of winnings, takes place through the cashier

Semi-online version. This version is an ideal solution for independent play not only in a gambling establishment but also on players' own devices. As in the case of the terminal version, the creation and replenishment of game accounts, as well as the payment of winnings, take place through the cashier. But the player can place bets from any device at any convenient time.

API Integration. This version allows you to integrate our Racing Bet with all its data into your existing online gaming platform.

Feed Integration. Get access to our Feed API and use our games feeds to integrate products to your platform by receiving all data: rounds, videos, odds, results, etc.

HOW TO GET THE LEGAL greyhound and horse racing IN SOUTH AFRICA?

We will integrate our solution into your business as soon as possible without unnecessary bureaucracy or long months, weeks, or even days of waiting. If you have a gambling/betting business in South Africa, then write to the chat on this site. Experts in the gambling/betting business with experience of working with 35+ countries on 4 continents will contact you. Our team of specialists has been in the industry for 11 years, so be sure that you will be offered the most profitable and best solution for the South African market.