MOHIO Has Acquired Class II Licence And Passed GLI Certification In Romania

Monday, 30. November 2020
We are pleased to inform all our Romanian partners and potential clients that MOHIO has acquired a Class II license, which allows it to be a direct and independent provider of game platform management, hosting facilities, cashier application, games, and other gambling solutions in Romania for operators and distributors of betting/gambling industry. Our company with all its products comply with all laws and regulations of Romania. Also, the company has passed GLI certification, which confirms the high level of security and stability. So now MOHIO is the official provider of services, content, programs, and betting products in Romania.

What Are Opportunities In Romania Opened for MOHIO?

Now we can provide our own products throughout Romania: a gambling platform, betting business management system, cashier application, all games from the MOHIO collection. And all this following the laws of the country, so it’s completely legal.

Popular Betting Games In Romania

Here is a list of our popular, in-demand, and profitable betting/gambling products from the MOHIO portfolio in Romania:

Lucky Six

In the Lucky Six numbered balls randomly draw in the virtual drum, and players bet on these balls or colors. Draws happen every 5 minutes. We currently offer 1 distribution channel for Lucky Six, and another one is in development, so it will be available soon:

  • Terminal Version - Available
  • Land Based Retail Shop - in development (will be available soon)


Racing Bet 

MOHIO Racing Bet - is a game where players place bets on dog and horse racing. This product meets all the specific needs of the market and is certified by GLI Europe BV and BMM. With the MOHIO Racing system, you have the opportunity to accept bets on dog and horse races. There are 6 or 8 dogs/horses participating in each race. Races with 6 participants are held every 3 minutes and with 8 participants - every 4 minutes. Odds are fixed and displayed on the player's TV screen before each race. All bets are accepted and paid out by the cashier.
We offer 6 distribution channels for the Racing Bet:

  • Land-Based Retail Shop
  • Terminal - available
  • Terminal Shop 
  • Mobile 
  • Feed Data
  • Iframe Online Portal Integration


Color Bet

Color Bet - the most Popular Number Bet Game on the Market. This game is the legacy to the LOTO games and presents players with a unique opportunity to bet not only on the color of the balls, but also on their numbers.
At the moment we offer 2 distribution channels for the Color Bet game:

  • Land-Based Retail Shop
  • Standalone Terminal


Red Keno 

Red Keno is a classic betting game that is popular because of its simplicity. The main task of the player who makes a bet on this game is to choose from 1 to 8 numbers out of 80 possible.
At the moment we offer 2 distribution channels for the Red Keno game:

  • Land-Based Retail Shop
  • Standalone Terminal


Live Sports & Pre-match

Our technology and services will take you into the premier league. With our live betting events your players can place bets in real-time on almost anything, at all time during the games. Pre-Match betting takes place before an event and is suspended once the match/event begins.
We bring to your attention 4 distribution channels for Live Sport and Pre-match:

  • Land-Based Retail Shop
  • Standalone Terminal
  • Terminal Shop (Internet Cafe)
  • Mobile


Virtual Soccer/Football

Flash Soccer includes all the major leagues of world football. At the moment we have a key distribution channel for the land-based business in the Virtual Soccer game:

  • Land-Based Retail Shop


How To Connect To MOHIO In Romania? 

To find out all the conditions and benefits of constant service and partnership with MOHIO, write to us in the online chat or check out the presentation site of key services and products here. We will integrate our solution into your business as soon as possible without unnecessary bureaucracy or long months, weeks, or even days of waiting. If you have a gambling/betting business in Romania, then write to the chat on this site. Experts in the gambling/betting business with experience of working with 35+ countries on 4 continents will contact you. Our team of specialists has been in the industry for 11 years, so be sure that you will be offered the most profitable and best solution for the Romanian market.

Written by the MOHIO Sports team