Hola amigos!

Lunes, 17. Septiembre 2018

SAGSE, Buenos Aires

It was a long way, long and very excited (we had 15.000 km under our belt and 16 hours on the road), MOHIO Sports team came back home after the SAGSE exhibition that took place in Argentina, Buenos Aires. It was the first time when we visited the LATAM. This exhibition was a great experience for us. We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in making the SAGSE exhibition. Also, we are very grateful to our visitors for visiting us and giving us a lot of information concerning the LATAM market. In the next few days, we will contact you and we hope that our meeting will bring us good and long-term cooperation. Thank you Monografie team that you gave us chance to be a part of this wonderful show. It is only the beginning.