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Mohio Expansion and New Horizons at ICE London 2020

18 February 2019 | Events

Author: MOHIO Team

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Mohio Expansion and New Horizons at ICE London 2020

From February 4 to 6, MOHIO top management visited ICE London 2020: CEO and Co-Founders Andrei Makhanets and Andreas Neubauer, COO - Dar Makhanets, CMO - Ivan Dolog and Program Delivery Manager - Rasim Nadzhafov. All 3 days of the exhibition, the team hosted partners, friends and new customers at stand S1-332.

Mohio Expansion and New Horizons at ICE London 2020

Another successful exhibition ICE London (ex ICE Totally Gaming) has given a profit for the company. Successful presentation of new products and the MOHIO Backend. Hundreds of new customers and potential partners, dozens of top-secret insides from regulators and “corporate spies”. More than 5 new countries on the horizon. What could be better for a company with Napoleonic plans? Better - just all the same strong friendship with old friends and partners of MOHIO, who came to the company's stand for a friendly conversation and exciting networking.


Thousands of visitors, hundreds of competitors, dozens of insiders and the opening of new countries for business. This year, these numbers at the exhibition are really impressive. There were fewer crowds, but now visitors are more concentrated with a high conversion rate. During the exhibition and while researching the situation, the MOHIO team realized that it had in its arsenal all the necessary games, products and tools that are so much needed, both the already known virtual game markets and the new ones, which few people still know about. MOHIO is fully prepared to continue its worldwide expansion in 2020.


ICE London visitors highly praised the new interface and innovative functions of the MOHIO Backend (admin panel), which blur and erases the line between simple gaming software and a multifunctional platform for managing the gaming business. Positive reviews inspired and motivated the MOHIO development team to think even more broadly and to improve the product even more often. The guests of the stand didn’t miss our new versions of the Lucky Six and Spin Win games, and also appreciated the game Racing Bet Horses & Dogs in Full HD quality. The positive perception of the products confirmed the intentions of our company to continue to develop new games that conquer the markets of all continents, create new tools that simplify the life of business and expand the functionality of the MOHIO Backend.


Several meetings with whistleblowers, regulators, and “corporate spies” have dispelled the fog of market uncertainty and other companies' secrets. MOHIO found out which countries have the most favorable atmosphere for entering the market. Now we know where the devaluation of the national currency ruthlessly destroys business and in which countries new versions of gambling laws are coming soon. Where in the near future the government will add or change the tax system in the betting business, and where it will completely cancel taxes. MOHIO keeps up with the legislative framework of several dozen countries for the safe and licensed operation of products in various countries.


The MOHIO stand was approached by many interested visitors and operators from Latin America, Africa and India. After exciting negotiations, we came to the conclusion that we can promote our expansion in these countries by distributing our products and software in new regions.


ICE Totally Gaming is not only a place for finding new clients, effectively distributing software, researching the market, analyzing competitors and networking. This exhibition is an excellent occasion to meet already familiar people - trusted partners and good friends. Thanks to all partners and friends of MOHIO for having spent almost all 3 days of the exhibition with us. We value and appreciate each of you as members of our own family.

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