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Racing Bet Semi-Online - Release of a New Web Distribution Channel for Operators

11 October 2020 | Products

Author: MOHIO Team

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MOHIO Sports presents a new web distribution channel for the Racing Bet game. This method of game distribution can effectively upgrade the land-based betting business and expand the customer base, regardless of the quarantine restrictions and the area of your betting shops. This option does not require any additional financial investments and new business space. In short, in the semi-online web channel, all cash and real financial transactions go through a cashier employee in a betting shop, and a player can make bets on his own outside a betting shop - from any desktop or mobile device using our game web interface. Let us explain in more detail below...



So what exactly is this semi-online web channel? The main feature of such a channel is that a player can place bets by himself from his PC, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile devices without having to be at the betting shop all the time and contact the cashier with each new round to make a bet. So what exactly is the chain of interactions between the player and the cashier in this solution?

Replenishment and creation of player balance 

At a betting shop, the cashier employee/manager, at a request of a player, creates his account and replenishes the balance for the desired amount. Also, a player can purchase a digital voucher from the cashier for the desired amount, with which he can replenish his account using a unique code and a link to the web version of the game from a printed voucher that the cashier gave him. That is, creating a player account with a balance or creating a replenishment voucher with a certain amount - direct duty of a cashier employee.

Who place bets? 

The player places his bets on his own using a simple and intuitive web interface of the Racing Bet game by MOHIO. The link to the game can be found on the account creation ticket or the top-up voucher. The interface contains all kinds of betting variations and odds for all 4 types of game with dogs and horses, between which a player can easily switch. Also, the online product contains videos of betting events and event history with results. Since a player is alone and everything is under his control, without queues, long waits and the participation of a cashier, the breaks between rounds are only 1 minute, and not 3-4, as in the classic land-based retail distribution channel, which means there are much more rounds and varied odds in this solution. A bettor can track his bets in the My Bets section, which is a digital equivalent of a printed ticket. Also, he can place bets from anywhere, no matter from what device, and at any time convenient for him, because the Racing Bet rounds go 24 hours a day. In this part of the chain of actions, a player is completely independent and not tied to a betting shop. Any actions and work on the part of the cashier are completely absent.

Withdrawing funds from the player's balance 

If a player won money and wants to withdraw it from his balance, he independently generates a withdrawal code in a special section of the game's web interface, writes it down, then goes to the betting shop, where he registered his account, provides the withdrawal code to a cashier and the last one gives him money. That is, the generation of the withdrawal code is behind the player - it’s his action, and the verification of the code and the issuance of funds is behind the cashier.

All real cash financial transactions are made exclusively by a cashier

MOHIO's semi-online web distribution channel assumes that all real money flows are on the side of the cashier. For example: creating a player account with a certain balance, creating a replenishment voucher with a certain amount, and checking / paying out funds to the player using the withdrawal code provided by him. The player controls only virtual money that the cashier gave him when creating an account, or when the player purchased a voucher from the cashier for real money and topped up his account in the game's web interface. A player using this money can only place a bet or create a code to withdraw a certain amount of funds from his balance.


There are many options for using this distribution channel, especially during a global pandemic. MOHIO Sports lists several use cases for a semi-online solution.

Ideal for operators with a small area

Expand and replenish your client base, regardless of the area of the betting shop. With this web distribution channel from MOHIO, you no longer need to have a large or even medium-sized hall to accommodate all those eager to place a bet, watch a game event, and win. You don't need a lot of TVs and square meters to place them. Since the cashier creates an account with a balance for the player and the latter can independently log into his account, place bets, see the results and generate a withdrawal code online.

Helps medium-sized operators 

Quickly and simply adding a popular sports game with horse and dog racing - isn't that the key to success? According to the research and analytics department of MOHIO, the Racing Bet game is in demand almost all over the world, players love it very much and willingly place bets. But, in addition to an interesting product for the operator's end customers, the semi-online web solution has an excellent opportunity to expand a business and increase income without spending extra money. After all, a player can come to a cashier, create an account, top-up his balance, and play from anywhere. He will not occupy a place at a betting shop, he will not wait in line, placing bets instantly. By the way, he will be able to place bets 3 times more often than in a land-based retail outlet, since the rounds are not 3 or 4 minutes long, but only 1.

Smart exit way from quarantine restrictions 

With the new solution from MOHIO, quarantine with its restrictions on the number of visitors in a betting shop disappears right before our eyes and ceases to prevent a business from receiving an influx of new players and regular bettors, and hence income. Now players do not need to stand and wait for results in front of TVs and screens at a betting shop, because everything can be done online, on a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. From the street, from home, from a cafe, or even from a taxi. Say no to queues and slowdown in financial turnover!

A great option for racetracks to offer betting on virtual game races in between real live races

This solution assumes that racetracks can offer their customers to place bets on the Racing Bet game events in between real races. In this case, your customers will not just wait for a live event in the gaming hall but will be able to place bets on virtual pre-recorded races. Thus, you combine business with pleasure - and people are interested, and your income is growing.


We will connect and integrate the game into your business as soon as possible. From your side, you just need to write at any time of the day to the MOHIO live chat, which is located on the right side of this site. Our experts in the betting/gambling business with experience of working with 35+ countries on 4 continents will contact you. The team of specialists has been in the industry for 11 years, so you can rely on the experience and workability of proposed solutions.

The article was written by the MOHIO Sports team

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