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Live Roulette

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Live Roulette

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Live Roulette is the classic European roulette game, with 36 red and black sectors, numbered one to 36, and a single green zero sector.

Mohio's Live Roulette offers the most popular inside and outside bets, including Straight Up, Split, Street, Trio, Corner, Six Line, Column, Dozen, Color, Even/Odd, and High/Low.

The game's unique feature is that all rounds are drawn live! The dealer in real time spins the ball within the rotating roulette wheel that reflects all the corresponding numbered segments, including the zero, to decide the winner. The number on which the ball lands is the winner.

Live Roulette
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Characteristics of Live Roulette

Detailed Game History (Numbers, Hot/Cold Numbers, Recent Winners)

Multi-camera on select tables

Available in different languages

Split Screen

Types of bets

Straight Up

Pick any number between 0 and 36.


Any two numbers connected.


Any 3 numbers within a row.


Any four numbers connected.


Any 6 numbers on 2 consecutive lines


This market has 3 selections:1 – 12: Pick a number between 1 and 12. 13 – 24: Pick a number between 13 and 24. 25 – 36: Pick a number between 25 and 36.


Pick a colour, either RED or BLACK.


Pick either an odd or even number.


Pick either a high or low number. Low: 1 –18. High: 19 – 36

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Do you offer your products for businesses, operators and bookmakers? (B2B)

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Yes, we work in business-to-business mode (B2B). MOHIO is a developer and provider of virtual games and sports solutions for land-based bookmakers, gambling establishments, casinos, lottery operators, and self-service terminals, feeds, and internet cafes.

I'm a betting business owner and want to cooperate with MOHIO. What games do you provide and what are the terms of cooperation?

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MOHIO is a developer and provider of virtual games and sports solutions for B2B (business to business) clients. Our customers are land-based betting establishments: bookmakers, betting shops, casinos, lottery halls, sports bars, slot bars, internet cafes, etc. We provide more than 15 different games: Keno, Racing, Flash Soccer, ColorBet, Poker, Live and PreMatch Sports, and others. Games are provided through four different distribution channels: cashier version, self-service terminal version, internet cafe version, and a voucher system version for remote betting. Leave a message in the online chat for more detailed information and terms of cooperation.

Do you have all the necessary certifications and licenses on your products to operate on a market?

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Yes, our products have been certified by the international certification laboratories BMM and GLI and meet all the requirements for operating on the market.

How can I try demo versions of your games?

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Installation of the demo version and presentation of our products takes place with the participation of our specialist. In order for you to feel all the privileges of our service, you can get in touch with us using the request demo button or write a message in the online chat.

Can I play and place bet on your website? (B2C)

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No, you can't play and place a bet on our website, we are not a betting platform and we don't provide service for punters on our website. But you can play our games in betting establishments of our partners in your country.

How to start my own gambling business?

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with all the information on how to open your own betting business as different markets have different requirements. However, we can offer you betting software that in the shortest possible time will not only return your investment but also earn you a great profit. In addition, we can recommend suitable equipment and peripherals for the convenient use of our games, as well as advise the layout of the betting shop and show several examples of our partners' establishments. Perhaps one of our partners will even be able to advise you on how to start a business.

Do you provide ready-made terminals and parts for them?

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Yes, our company can provide you with ready-made terminals for every taste and budget, as well as parts for them. Leave a message in the online chat and we will provide you with a complete list of hardware and draw up a commercial agreement.

We need Virtual Football, Lucky Six, SpinWin, Roulette and some other games but can't find them in your list.

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Our company develops all the games that are in demand on the market. If you cannot find some specific games in our list there's a chance it is in development. Leave a message in the online chat and our specialist will provide you with more details.

Where can I play your games?

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To play our games, you need to visit our partners' betting shop in your country. Leave us your details and our partner will provide you with the address of the nearest establishment where you can bet on our games.

How can I win in your games? Is it possible to know the winning combination beforehand?

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Our games are based on the RNG (random number generator) mathematics and no one can influence the outcome of events, so it is impossible to know the winning combination in advance. However, many players win huge amounts and Jackpots by simply trying their luck and placing a bet.

Can I play the games on your website or download the app to my smartphone?

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No, it's not possible. We are not a betting platform and do not provide any services for players. To play our games, you need to visit our partners' betting shop in your country.