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MOHIO is a developer and supplier of premium and highly profitable software for the betting industry.

Profitability in the market

MOHIO is a developer and supplier of premium and highly profitable software for the betting industry. With constant improvements andinnovations, MOHIO products remain extremely popular among the players and maintain their profitability in the market.

Individual approach

Based on many years of global experience, MOHIO is well aware that there is no "one-size-fits-all" formula for the success in betting industry since different products and distribution channels are popular in different markets. That is why the company takes an individual approach to each partner.

Feedback with the partners

From day one, MOHIO maintains regular feedback with the partners to always stay up to date with your needs and market specifications, adapting to its latest trends and anticipating its next turn. Thus, in cooperation with their partners, MOHIO successfully implemented more than 15 mutually beneficial projects that increased players' interest in products, simplified and accelerated cashiers' work and, as a result, increased profits.




Service Service Service Service Service Service

From first meeting to full-fledged work

MOHIO values your time, so moving from the first meeting to full-fledged work may happen on the same day and with minimal costs on your part, as the company does not charge a setup fee and offers two types of payment for its services - pre-payment and post-payment.

Consulting services

Whether you are just starting your betting business or want to refresh your brand, MOHIO is happy to provide consulting services, tell you which products are popular in your particular market, and explain how to succeed in a highly competitive environment. In addition, MOHIO designers are ready to help you develop the brand identity that will make you stand out from the competition and provide marketing materials for better brand integration.

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Just contact the MOHIO support team in any convenient way and get all the help you need.

Technical issues solving areas.

One of MOHIO's top priorities is prompt and friendly assistance to partners. The company is well aware that cashiers and players are essential to the success of the products, so the company's multilingual support team consists of highly qualified specialists in the customer service and technical issues solving areas.

Cashier training in real time.

The interface of MOHIO products is intuitive, but if necessary, the support team is always ready to provide real-time training to the cashiers. In addition, unlike other companies, MOHIO's 24/7 support team immediately assists not only in matters directly related to the company's products but also helps with setting up peripherals, equipment, and any other issues that arise.

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24/7 fast feedback

MOHIO Key Highlights

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Draws take place every 5 minutes

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Random Number Generator

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Two unique jackpot types with flexible settings

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Split Screen

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Rebet feature

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Adaptation to market

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Satellite solution

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Really quick support chat with 24/7 service

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Secure server infrastructure with high performance and trouble-free operation of all products

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Accounting Tools with the ability to get financial turnover for each of the distribution levels