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All about lotteries


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All about lotteries

Lottery has remained one of the top favorite ways to have thrilling and potentially profitable fun for the widest audience of eager players all over the world. Everybody gets equal chances, and the sheer randomness and unpredictability of the win are powerful adrenaline-inducers. Better yet, with solutions by MOHIO, you get to participate in some of the highest-rewarding lotteries in the full comfort of your home. 

Some history

Also known as lotto, the first lottery bets as we know them started taking place as far back as the 1800s, with lotteries and sweepstakes becoming especially popular across the United States. But its roots go far deeper than that, tracing to ancient keno slips that the Chinese Han dynasty used around 200 BC to, presumably, finance various government projects (fun fact – this was arguably the way the Great Wall of China’s building was financed). 

People enjoyed lotteries as a form of party pastime all throughout the times of the Roman Empire and Renaissance-type Europe alike. But in the somewhat modern period of the 18th century, it finally became organized as a form of entertainment, where we had to go and buy tickets in hopes of getting the one with the winning combination printed on it. These combinations were announced regularly by local lottery and betting houses. 

By the 1960s, lotteries had become much more widely available due to themed TV shows. The format of buying a lottery or sweepstakes ticket and checking the winning numbers during a live TV show became a standard for decades to come, remaining as such up until the 2000s. 

Throughout its history, the lottery has diversified and evolved into a bunch of playing options and formats, which we gladly present in the MOHIO library.

Types of lotteries

Lottery remains standard at the core — you have to pick a winning combination before it is randomly announced by the provider. However, you may indulge in different formats of the game, with different betting conditions, payouts, and other mechanics. The range of options we offer at MOHIO includes:

  • Red Keno - your classic lottery fun in a convenient digital format;
  • Spin Win - roulette-based lottery with a 36-numbered wheel and loads of winning options;
  • Color Bet - a basic lotto with a turn, where you get to bet on numbers as well as on colors;
  • Keno Bet - a twist on the original Keno where 20 out of 80 numbers are drawn, so you get to pick up to 8 numbers;
  • Lucky Six - a quick-paced lottery-based game with new betting rounds switching every 5 minutes;
  • Red Keno Plus - an enhanced version of Red Keno with expanded playing options that may come in better for experienced players;
  • Roulette Keno – a perfect combination of lottery and roulette for twice as much fun’&’thrill, as well as betting options;
  • Live Roulette – the latest addition to our library that delivers a full-on brick-and-mortar casino experience to your smartphone, tablet, or PC screen.
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How do you bet on the lottery?

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Playing digital and live lottery games by MOHIO, you get a user-friendly interface with detailed instructions, stats, and tools to start betting easily and at once. All you need to do is pick your betting options and winning numbers.

Is there a strategy for winning the lottery?

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There are no definite tactics for guaranteed lottery wins, but you can boost your chances dramatically by keeping up with the latest odds, jackpot adjustments, and hot winning opportunities. At MOHIO, we build analytical dashboards that keep you updated on all those stats and more.

How to start a lottery business?

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The lottery software we provide at MOHIO can give you a banging starting point in your online gambling business journey. You can easily integrate readymade high-quality lotteries and lottery-based games with your own website or retail betting platform.