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Darts Bet

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Darts Bet

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Darts Bet

Darts Bet is a virtual betting game that brings the rush of a live darts match to your customers, offering them the unique opportunity to bet on darts in a simulated yet realistic setting. This game, a standout in our darts betting offerings, leverages high-quality graphics and sound effects to perfectly capture the ambiance of a real-life darts game.

In this captivating game, your customers have the chance to make a darts bet on 1 to 3 numbers out of the 20 available. Darts Bet also presents a variety of special darts bets to elevate the experience. These options include "Single", "Double", and "Triple" rings, as well as bets on Red or Green colors, All Black or All White sectors, and Bulls Eye (50 or 25) or Hit Outside.

The excitement heightens when the betting period concludes and the round draw initiates on the TV screen. An animated dartsman throws three darts at a dartboard divided into 20 numbered sectors alternating in black and white. The results of these darts bets are promptly displayed on the screen at the end of the round, keeping the pace quick and the anticipation high, echoing the thrill of betting on darts in real life.

Darts Bet is an immersive and dynamic darts betting experience that can captivate your customers and amplify your betting offerings. With Darts Bet, your customers don't just watch the game; they bet darts and feel the excitement of every throw.

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Characteristics of Darts Bet

Realistic Darts Betting Experience

Darts Bet replicates the thrill and tension of a live darts match, providing your customers an authentic platform to bet on darts. High-quality graphics and sound effects create a realistic atmosphere, engaging your punters in a riveting darts betting scenario.

Variety of Betting Options

Darts Bet offers variety of betting options, allowing punters to place bets on 1 to 3 numbers from the 20 available. The game further enhances the darts betting experience with special bets, including options for "Single", "Double", "Triple" rings, color-based bets, and Bulls Eye or Hit Outside options.

Types of bets


This bet involves predicting that the dart will land in the single ring, which is the large, main section of each numbered segment on the dartboard.


In this bet, punters predict that the dart will land in the outer narrow ring, referred to as the double ring because points scored in this area are doubled.


This bet is placed on the dart landing in the inner narrow ring of the dartboard, also known as the triple ring, where points scored are tripled.


Here, punters wager on the specific number of darts, - 1, 2, or 3 - that will land in either the red or green segments on the dartboard.


This bet involves predicting that all three darts will land exclusively in the black or white segments of the dartboard.

Bulls Eye 50

In this bet, punters predict that a dart will land directly in the center of the dartboard, the red segment of the Bulls Eye, which scores 50 points.

Bulls Eye 25

This bet is placed with the prediction that a dart will hit the outer ring of the Bulls Eye, which is the green segment scoring 25 points.

Hit Outside

This unconventional bet involves predicting that a dart will miss the dartboard altogether, hitting an area outside the numbered game segment.

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What is Darts Bet?

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Darts Bet is an engaging virtual game developed by Mohio that simulates a real-life darts match, providing your customers with an authentic darts betting experience.

How does betting on Darts Bet work?

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In Darts Bet, punters can bet on 1 to 3 numbers out of the 20 available. Additionally, there are a variety of special bets including Single, Double, Triple, Red/Green, Black/White, Bulls Eye 50, Bulls Eye 25, and Hit Outside. The results are displayed promptly after each round.

Can punters bet on more than one number in Darts Bet?

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Yes, in Darts Bet, your customers have the flexibility to place a darts bet on 1 to 3 numbers out of the 20 available. This enhances the excitement and strategic depth of the game.

Is Darts Bet suitable for all types of punters?

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Absolutely. With a range of bet types and the choice to bet on 1 to 3 numbers out of 20, Darts Bet is a dynamic and engaging option for all types of punters interested in darts bets.

How quickly are the results of a round in Darts Bet displayed?

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The results of each darts bet round are displayed immediately at the conclusion of the round. This maintains the quick pace and excitement synonymous with a real darts game.

What makes Darts Bet a good choice for betting establishments?

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Darts Bet provides a unique and immersive experience that simulates the thrill of a live darts match. It offers multiple bet options and an authentic atmosphere, making it a valuable addition to any establishment's betting offerings.