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Live & Pre Match Sports

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Live Sports & Pre Match

Live & Pre Match Sports is a flagship product tailored for the dynamic world of sports betting. Designed for seamless integration into betting shops with operating personnel and standalone terminals, this software solution caters to all your sports betting needs.

Our platform leverages the thrilling anticipation of pre-match betting, enticing players to engage and speculate on the outcomes before the action begins. The pre match feature is an opportunity for your customers to strategize and place their wagers based on team analyses, past performance records, and their intuition. With every pre match bet, your customers are not just placing a bet, they are partaking in a captivating journey that begins way before the whistle blows.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Our software solution extends beyond pre match betting and encapsulates the fast-paced realm of live betting. This component of our product allows players to place bets during the game, adding an extra layer of thrill to their betting experience.

Live & Pre Match Sports support and blend both types of betting. It means your customers can place a bet pre-match, then continue to wager throughout the game, keeping them engaged from start to finish. This combined betting functionality enhances the user experience, driving repeat business and boosting your profits.

Live & Pre Match Sports
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Characteristics of Live & Pre Match Sports

Multiple types of odd sheets

Catering to different player preferences, our Live & Pre Match Sports solution provides a variety of odd sheets. Whether your customers are into pre-match betting or live betting, our diversified odd sheets cover all their needs, enhancing their overall betting experience.

Optional combo-bonus

To add an extra thrill to the game, we offer an optional combo-bonus feature. This serves as a potential reward for your players who like to strategize and combine their bets, be it a pre-match bet or during the game.

Flexible risk management

Our product stands out with its dynamic and flexible risk management features. Whether your users prefer pre-match betting or live betting, our solution gives them the control to manage their stakes and potential returns effectively, fostering responsible betting practices.

Limit settings

With a focus on user safety, our Live & Pre Match Sports solution comes with customizable limit settings. This allows your customers to set their own betting limits and ensure they bet responsibly, whether they're placing a bet pre-match or in real-time during the game.

Types of bets

Combining sports and live bets

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What is pre-match betting?

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Pre-match betting refers to placing a wager on a particular outcome before the sports event starts. It's an integral part of our Live & Pre Match Sports solution, allowing players to strategize and make informed decisions based on team statistics, recent performances, and other factors.

How does pre-match betting differ from live betting in this product?

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While pre-match betting involves placing bets before the event begins, live betting occurs during the event itself. Our Live & Pre Match Sports solution integrates both options seamlessly, allowing punters to place a pre-match bet and continue wagering during the event.

Can a punter combine pre-match and live bets on the same ticket?

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Absolutely, that's one of the features of our product. Punters can place a bet pre-match and continue to make live bets throughout the game on the same ticket. This way, punters can enjoy an uninterrupted betting experience.

How does the optional combo-bonus work with pre-match betting?

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The optional combo-bonus works with both pre-match and live betting. It's an additional feature that can enhance potential winnings when punters place multiple bets in the same ticket.