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Lucky Six

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Available Channels

Lucky Six

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Lucky Six

Lucky Six is a lottery-based virtual game that captivates players with its unique betting options, high odds and fast-paced rounds. Highly popular and touted as a prime source of income for many betting operators, Lucky Six game opens a world of possibilities and allows you to attract a broader customer base and increase your revenue.

Lucky Six stands out in the industry with its unique concept and simplicity. Players have the flexibility to place bets on both the numbers and the colors of the balls, providing a richer and more engaging betting experience. A new game is drawn every five minutes, creating continuous opportunities for players to win and businesses to profit. This speed doesn't sacrifice simplicity, however; the rules of LuckySix are easy to understand, inviting to new players and seasoned punters alike.

With Lucky Six, also popularly known as Lucky 6, you can strengthen your position in the competitive betting market. Drive the growth of your retail land-based betting business by incorporating this crowd-puller game today! Make Lucky Six the cornerstone of your betting business and experience robust growth and success.

Lucky Six
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Characteristics of Lucky Six

Rebet Feature

Available 24/7

Hot Keys

Random Number Generator

Jack Pot system

Types of bets

All Colors

This bet involves all 48 numbers in the game, essentially giving the player 8 different bets - one for each color. This provides a wide-ranging wager for those seeking to bet across the board.

Pre Balls Number

A more targeted bet where players wager on one specific number that they anticipate will be among the first five drawn. This caters to those players who prefer a more precise betting option.

Most Frequent Color

A unique wagering option where the bet is placed on the color anticipated to be the most prevalent during the draw. This means the color with the most balls among the 35 drawn balls is the winning selection.

First Ball Color

This bet is placed on the color of the very first drawn ball. A fun and fast-paced betting option as it gets resolved at the start of the draw.

Last Ball Color

Similar to the previous option, but here the bet is placed on the color of the final drawn ball, keeping players engaged until the end of the draw.

First Ball: Even/Odd

This option allows players to bet on the parity of the first drawn ball. Players wager on whether it will be an even or an odd number.

First Ball: Under/Over24,5

Players place a bet on whether the first drawn ball will fall under or over the number 24.5.

Preballs: Even/Odd

This betting option is for those who like to strategize. It involves wagering on whether there will be more even or odd balls among the first 5 balls.

Preballs: Under/Over122,5

Another strategic bet where players predict whether the sum of the first five balls drawn will fall under or over 122.5.

More Even or Odd

This option involves a bet on whether there will be more even or odd balls among the total 35 drawn balls. A longer term bet keeping players engaged throughout the game.

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What is Lucky Six?

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Lucky Six is a lottery-based virtual game where players can bet on both numbers and the colors of the balls.

What types of bets can I place in a Lucky Six game?

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In a Lucky Six game, players have the flexibility to place bets on both numbers and ball colors. Additionally, bets can be placed on whether the first ball will be even or odd, under or over a certain number, or whether there will be more even or odd balls among the total drawn.

What is the Lucky 6 winning strategy?

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The Lucky 6 winning strategy can differ greatly as it's largely based on individual player preferences. However, it's crucial to remember that Lucky Six operates on a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Therefore, each outcome is determined purely by chance.

How can I determine the Lucky Six best numbers?

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Since LuckySix is a game of chance, any number can potentially be the winning number in the next round. Consequently, there are no predetermined Lucky Six best numbers.

How can I play Lucky Six online?

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Lucky Six online can be accessed through various online betting platforms. The game rules and betting options remain the same as the land-based version, allowing players to enjoy the game wherever they are. However, it's worth noting that Mohio currently only provides a retail, land-based version of LuckySix.