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Top Keno Games - All You Need to Know

7 May 2023 | Articles

Author: MOHIO Team

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Top Keno Games - All You Need to Know

Discover top Keno games and learn why and how you should use the popularity and demand of Keno for your own retail and online gambling profits.

Top Keno Games - All You Need to Know

All Things Keno - Origins, Potential, and Top Keno Games to Integrate

The online casino gambling market is growing at a whopping annual rate of 13.70%, expected to hit USD 144.74 billion in global value by 2028. No use missing out on such a profitable niche. All you need to start earning your share in the ever-demanded sector of retail and online casino games is an offer of time-tested, engaging, profit-stimulating games. Ones that would provide a surefire way to capture the minds and hearts of your future customers.

Keno happens to be one of the best titles to fit that description. Beloved by many, boasting a rich history, and staying in eternal demand, this is a great option to put in the backbone of your digital gambling platform or retail betting shop. Especially if you use well-tried, high-quality Keno software created by MOHIO.

What is Keno all about? Discover this universally popular casino game and learn how you can monetize it for your own profits using competitive Keno implementations.

What Are Keno Games All About?

Tracing its roots back to China more than 3,000 years ago, Keno is a lottery-style game where participants use special cards (tickets) marked with numbers in squares, typically ranging from 1 to 80. A player can select and mark as many of these numbers as they like, up to a certain defined limit. 

Once they have made their selection, they submit the ticket and pay according to the set of selected numbers. The house then draws 20 numbered balls randomly from a container at regular daily intervals and pays out prizes based on the number of selected numbers that match the drawn ones.

The origins

Keno is an ancient game invented by the Chinese king Leung to stimulate local financial turnover and thus boost army funding. An elaborate sociopsychological strategy has quickly spread as a common people’s pastime.

Its original name in Chinese is baige piao or pai-ko p’iao, which translates as "white pigeon ticket." It alludes to a betting game that involves homing pigeons. Baige piao games have existed in most of the provinces of China since the 3rd century BCE. Usually, one or more gambling houses would organize these games with the consent of the province’s governor, who would then receive a share of the profits.

The game of baige piao, still popular in Chinese communities, originally used a ticket featuring the first 80 characters from Qianziwen, a classic text in Chinese literature with exactly 1,000 unique ideograms. Educated Chinese sometimes use these characters in place of numbers from 1 to 1,000. 

Widespread fun

Baige piao is the ancestor of keno, lotto, and bingo. Chinese immigrants brought keno to the western United States in the 1840s. Non-Chinese groups enthusiasts in the US later played the game known as "Chinese lottery," with characters converted to numbers. The game eventually became known as keno, a corruption of the French word "quine," meaning "group of five." 

In 1933, the game was introduced to Nevada casinos as Race-Horse Keno, featuring horse names instead of numbers on tickets to avoid breaking state lottery laws. Eventually, Nevada laws changed in 1951, and keno became a game with numbers. Today, keno is played in nearly all American casinos, as well as in many casinos in Australia, South Africa, South America, and East Asia, with a house advantage of about 25 percent. Many lottery companies worldwide also offer keno as a game, usually with weekly drawings.

Top Mohio Keno Games 

Keno is an all-time favorite of a whole community (more like a cult) of enthusiasts. Providing it as a convenient digital solution to try one’s luck in the full comfort of a retail betting shop or even one’s device without leaving one’s home is a great business opportunity. Mohio offers a line of perfected Keno games that already have their own excited audiences of players.

You can easily integrate any game from the portfolio with your retail betting shop or online platform to join in on the profitable niche. Namely, you turn the following titles into your new sources of profit.

Red Keno

Red Keno by the Mohio developers has become a favorite among players worldwide due to its utterly simple and captivating gameplay. To play, users select between one and eight numbers out of 80. In each round, 20 numbers are randomly drawn, and players get winnings based on the number of matches they get. The more matches, the greater the potential earnings.

And to add more excitement, the game occasionally introduces two bonus balls, resulting in a total of 22 drawn balls and an extra chance to win.

Red Keno offers two types of jackpots: local and network. Local jackpots cater to smaller audiences like a single shop’s players, while network jackpots draw from larger player bases across multiple shops, resulting in more significant prize pools.

With a wide range of payout tables available, Mohio can help you customize a unique payout table for players to really hit the spot.

Red Keno by Mohio

Mohio is committed to keeping Red Keno fresh and engaging with continuous updates and improvements for its dedicated players. This commitment to quality and innovation backs up Red Keno's leading position in the betting industry.

Key Features of Red Keno:

  • 24/7 Availability

Red Keno is always up and running, so players can enjoy the game whenever they wish. This flexibility means that players with different schedules and preferences can afford to have some Keno.

  • Rebetting Option

Red Keno offers a rebet feature that allows players to place the same bets they made in the previous round. This saves time and streamlines the betting process, particularly for those who employ a specific betting strategy.

  • Two Jackpot Types

Red Keno offers local and network jackpots catering to different player preferences. Local jackpots are usually targeted by smaller audiences, while network jackpots attract a larger player base, which results in more substantial prize pools.

  • Two Bonus Balls

Red Keno's occasional use of two additional bonus balls increases the total number of drawn balls to 22. This feature provides players with an extra chance to win, making the game stand out from other similar offerings.

  • Split-Screen Functionality

Red Keno's split-screen feature allows one to view several games simultaneously on the same TV screen. This provides a diverse and engaging entertainment experience that allows players to enjoy multiple games at once.

  • Three Design Options

Red Keno offers players a choice of three eye-candy designs. Two of them are virtual keno machines that simulate the live draw experience held in a studio. These distinct designs cater to different player preferences and provide a captivating gaming environment.

  • Types of Bets

Players can select between 1 and 8 numbers out of a possible 80 to place their bets. Red Keno is as classic as it gets when it comes to basic gameplay.

Red Keno Plus

Red Keno Plus is a versatile and thrilling betting game that offers players numerous opportunities to test their luck and intuition. The game consists of 80 balls numbered from 1 to 80 loaded into a virtual lotto machine. 

During the draw, 20 balls are randomly selected to determine the winning numbers. Players can bet on 1 to 10 numbers, and their winnings depend on how many of their selected numbers match the drawn numbers. The more matches, the greater the payout!

Red Keno Plus by Mohio

But wait, there's more! Red Keno Plus offers extra betting options to increase the excitement and boost the chances of winning:

  • First Ball Bets: These bets are related to the outcome of the first drawn ball and include options like Even/Odd, Single/Not Single, Under/Over 40.5, and Range.
  • Last Ball Bets: These bets are related to the outcome of the last drawn ball and include options like Even/Odd, Single/Not Single, Under/Over 40.5, and Range.
  • Sum Bets: These bets are related to the sum of specific groups of drawn numbers, including options like First 5 Under/Over 202.5 and Total Under/Over 810.5.

But the fun doesn't end there. Red Keno Plus also introduces two more betting modes to challenge players' skills: All-In and No Draw.

In the All-In mode, players win their bet if all selected numbers are drawn. In No Draw mode, players win their bet if none of the selected numbers are drawn.

Roulette Keno

Roulette Keno is a unique game that blends the thrill and eagerness of roulette with the ease and familiarity of keno. This game involves players placing their bets on a selection of one to eight numbers out of a pool of 72 numbers. Once all bets are in, the game randomly selects 18 numbers, and players are awarded winnings based on the number of correct picks they made.

Roulette Keno by Mohio

Roulette Keno has much more to offer than just its classic gameplay. It also boasts additional betting options inspired by roulette, such as Color, Even/Odd, Range, Columns, and Rows. These unique wagering possibilities are particularly enticing to players since you get more options potentially leading to a win. 

On top of its thrilling gameplay, Roulette Keno showcases a stylish and contemporary design. Lastly, players can enjoy a visually pleasing gaming experience with top-notch graphics and seamless animations.

What to Expect from the Market?

The online gambling market is propelled by two major factors: the growing relevance of betting experiences and a widely adopted freemium model across online gambling platforms. This growth is further accelerated by the global adoption of smartphones, readily accessible casino gaming platforms, and easily available network. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the introduction of social distancing regulations and an increase in Internet traffic across all platforms, which influenced the online casino market in a major way. Consequently, the number of users of online gambling platforms rose significantly during this period.

The niche is also driven by the mass adoption of EGDs - electronic gambling devices. Such solutions have built-in software that fully emulates your local casino experience. EGDs are also affordable to run and easily available.

Furthermore, cost-efficient mobile apps, increasing digitalization, protected digital payment tools, spikes in disposable income, and widespread use of cryptos are all positively affecting the online casino market.

A wide selection of online betting shops, reasonable laws, and tech advances grant even more profiting horizons in this arena. We are looking at non-stop expansion all through 2023-2028.

Despite the rapid growth of online gambling, retail gambling remains highly popular for several reasons. First, the social aspect of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino or betting shop provides an experience that online platforms cannot fully replicate. Many gamblers enjoy the camaraderie, the atmosphere, and the excitement of live games.

Second, retail gambling establishments often offer a wider range of services, which contributes to the overall appeal. Finally, some players prefer the security and reliability of physical casinos or betting shops, as they can observe the gaming process directly and ensure fair play. This combination of factors ensures that retail gambling continues to thrive alongside its online counterpart.

Summing Up

It all comes down to the fact that there aren’t many reasons to pass on the existing, potential, and projected opportunities of the retail and online gambling niche. It has everything—ever-stable demand, loyal target audiences across the planet, and healthy competition. 

With high-quality variations of Keno in your library of offers, you get all the chances to grab your piece of cake and establish firm market positions. We offer readymade digital casino games of all scopes and complexities. 

Contact us for a consultation on how exactly you can improve your retail betting shop or online casino parlor with top Keno games by Mohio.

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