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Golden Balls

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Golden Balls is a dynamic lottery-style game set in an environment enhanced by vibrant visuals and engaging sound effects. Distinctive in its gameplay, the excitement centers around the drawing of six balls, with special emphasis on the appearance of Golden Balls, which bring additional winning possibilities and the potential for 10x multipliers.

The game stands out with its variety of betting markets. Players can wager on specific numbers (1-49), the count of Golden Balls, or their exact positions in the draw sequence. The inclusion of Golden Balls in the draw not only offers immediate winning opportunities but also the chance for increased rewards through multipliers.

Golden Balls excels in providing a straightforward yet thrilling betting experience. Players place bets on their predicted outcomes, with winnings determined by the accuracy of their predictions. When Golden Balls are drawn, the game reaches a heightened level of excitement, as these special balls can significantly boost potential winnings.

In essence, Golden Balls blends the anticipation of a lottery draw with the interactive aspects of betting. Its combination of regular number draws, the unique feature of Golden Balls, and the chance for amplified wins through multipliers, crafts a captivating and rewarding experience for players.

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Types of bets


Players can select 1 to 4 numbers they predict will be drawn.

No Draw

Players can choose 4 numbers they believe will not be drawn.

Golden Balls Drawn

This market is about predicting the count of golden balls among the 6 balls drawn. Players can bet on various outcomes: 0 Golden Balls, 1 Golden Ball, 2 Golden Balls, or 3 Golden Balls.

Golden Balls Position

Players get to predict the exact position of golden balls in the draw sequence. The betting options include: 1st Ball Golden, 1st & 2nd Balls Golden, and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Balls Golden.

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