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Bet On Numbers is an engaging live dealer retail betting game centered around the straightforward goal of predicting winning numbers from a set of 49. The game offers a variety of betting options, including predictions on numbers, colors, and the sums of the numbered balls. It features three main categories of bets - Number Bets, Color Bets, and Sum Bets - each with its own payout table and level of risk, allowing players to tailor their experience to their preferred betting style.

Players have the flexibility to be precise in their wagers, whether it's betting on a single number, pairs of numbers, or groups, thus enhancing the strategic aspect of the game. Additionally, options to bet on colors, such as predicting the color of the first ball or a group of balls, add another layer of excitement. The Sum Bets category allows players to guess whether the total sum of the balls drawn will be above or below a specified number, offering more ways to win.

With over 30 different betting options, the game offers a multitude of combinations and multipliers, making it both exciting and potentially lucrative. The game also stands out with its live dealer format, featuring draws every four minutes, ensuring continuous and engaging action. The quality of the live stream is top-notch, adaptable up to Full HD, to guarantee a premium playing experience.

Bet On Numbers combines excitement, strategy, and high-quality presentation, making it an excellent addition to any retail betting operation. It promises to attract and engage players with its dynamic gameplay and the potential for significant returns.

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Types of bets


This betting option allows players to select between one and four numbered balls they predict will be drawn in the game. For the wager to be successful, each selected ball must be drawn.

No Draw

In this option, the player selects a single numbered ball they believe will not be drawn.

1 out of 2

Players select two numbered balls, with the bet deemed successful if at least one of these balls is drawn.

1 out of 3

Similar to the "1 out of 2" option, players select two balls, with a win recorded if at least one is drawn.

Ball Over/Under

Players are offered multiple choices to bet on the value of the first ball drawn, such as predicting whether it will be over or under specific numbers. Additionally, combinations involving the first and second balls add depth to the betting strategy, such as betting on the first ball being over 25 while the second is under 25, and vice versa.


This category provides diverse betting options based on the colors of the balls drawn, including wagers on the predominance of red or white balls, outcomes of the first few balls (e.g., first red or white ball), and patterns involving the first and second balls' colors. It also includes bets on the color consistency among the first or last three balls.


This option caters to players interested in the aggregate outcomes, with bets placed on whether the total sum of the drawn balls will fall within certain ranges or exceed specific thresholds. Players can bet on the overall sum being odd or even, over or under predefined limits, or focus on the sum of balls of a particular color.

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