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Betting Data Feed Solution - Horse and Dog Racing Bet Feed Data

17 September 2020 | Products

Author: MOHIO Team

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Betting Data Feed Solution - Horse and Dog Racing Bet Feed Data

MOHIO has developed a one-stop betting Data Feed solution for operators, bookmakers, hippodromes, racetracks, and or everybody in the betting industry. Feed Data is delivering racing bet schedule, odds, results, and videos of dog races and horse races to your system.

Betting Data Feed Solution - Horse and Dog Racing Bet Feed Data


First of all, you get a popular among players from all over the world game - Racing Bet. The game is certified in international BMM and GLI laboratories. In the Data Feed solution, you get all the data listed below for 4 game types: 6 horse racing, 8 horse racing, 6 greyhound dog racing, and 8 greyhound dog racing.

Racing Bet Odds Data - Dog And Horse Racing

The Feed Data solution feeds the odds for all possible bets on dog and horse racing events from the Racing Bet game.

Racing Bet Event Results Data 

You get the results of each of the rounds for all types of games which are: Dog 6, Dog 8, Horse 6, Horse 8. You will know who will finish first, who is second, and who is third.

Racing Bet Full HD Event Race Videos 

You will receive full (from start to finish) and real pre-recorded videos of events in high definition quality (FULL HD), which you can show to your players.

Game Lifecycle Schedule For 24 Hours Upfront 

Feed Data from MOHIO provides a schedule of events 24 hours in advance.

Always Up-To-Date And High Odds

Our odds are always high and up-to-date, and therefore interesting for players.


In fact, in the Data Feed solution you get all the data of the betting game, but without our interface, cashier software, and without backend admin panel. You can think of many options and ways to use the Data Feed, but we will give just a few.

Offer Virtual Pre-Recorded Events In Between Real Live Ones 

If you are the owner of a racetrack/hippodrome or a live sports platform, then with the help of MOHIO Data Feed you can invite your clients to place bets on pre-recorded events in between real races. Thus, there will be no idle and financially “empty” waiting for a live event in your hippodrome or on your platform. With Data Feed Racing Bet, players will always have something to do, which means your profits will go up.

Integrate The Game Into Your Business Management System

Offer the game to your players, manage it, and keep accounting records in your own business management system without using third-party software.

Set Your Personal Design And Game Interface

Create or use your own game and interface designs. Data Feed allows you to visually customize and brand the product completely at your discretion. All game data about events and odds will be guaranteed delivered from us.

Expand Your Game Portfolio Very Quickly

You have a unique opportunity to quickly connect a new game to your portfolio using only your front-end. You don’t need to develop the math and the backend part, we have already done it for you.

You can offer fast game connection to your partners and clients

You can offer this solution to your partners and clients as a MOHIO Data Feed reseller.


The cost of the solution is negotiated individually. You can find out the price by contacting the MOHIO consultant in our online chat. You will need to fill out a short questionnaire, the answers to which will help us make a personal calculation.


MOHIO has developed its own universal API for integrating Data Feed into any system. For your convenience, we have written detailed technical documentation for the Data Feed API integration.

Write to the MOHIO online chat to find out more details, get the price of the solution, and start using Data Feed in your system. Our specialists work 24/7 and will answer you at any time of the day or night, in whatever country you are.

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