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Neubauer: “We Are Always Carefully Listening to Our Clients, as Well as Being Aware of Market Demands and Country Regulations”

2 March 2021 | Interviews

Author: MOHIO Team

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Neubauer: “We Are Always Carefully Listening to Our Clients, as Well as Being Aware of Market Demands and Country Regulations”

In this exclusive interview, Andreas Neubauer, Founder and CEO at Mohio Gaming, tells how they are working with operators to increase their business in the iGaming and sports betting landscape. He also describes his company’s evolution during the pandemic and anticipates his participation in the next G&M News webinar on Thursday, February 25th.

Neubauer: “We Are Always Carefully Listening to Our Clients, as Well as Being Aware of Market Demands and Country Regulations”

Based on your extensive global experience in the industry, what are the current demands and queries from operators to successfully progress in the online gaming and sports betting business?

That is a good question because it is very individual for each operator and country, but, in general, there are a couple of things which repeats from all of them. 1) Having a broad range of products, and keeping the punters stay on the operators’ platform; 2) Having an intuitive user interface, very customized to the punters’ behavior; 3) Having a close and direct interaction with the punters through marketing campaign and bonus models; 4) Increasing and building trust to your punters; and 5) Being always updated with the country’s regulation and acting immediately to it. The list is endless, but in a nutshell, that is what it takes being successful as an operator.

In that sense, how is your company providing them with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions? In what way can Mohio make a difference from its competitors with this innovative offer?

We are always carefully listening to our clients, as well as being aware of market demands and country regulations. A new operator which becomes a client is not only somebody we see the chance to earn money with. We do our very best to establish a strong and honest relationship where both parties can profit out of it. We see our clients as a part of our family and keep challenging ourselves, making progress within this relationship. A very good example is our support, after we have successfully implanted our game portfolio. We never let our partners alone, since we offer them 24/7/365 live support in all languages available.    

The company is taking additional steps to expand its presence in Latin America to respond to the increasing demand for iGaming and sports betting content. How relevant is this region to Mohio and in which markets do you see greater possibilities of promoting and establishing your brand?

When we decide to enter a new market, we try to be always very focused by evaluating it and considering first if we have enough resources, time and knowledge to do so. Since we have already been working for a couple of years at LatAm on a small scale, we decided to level up by implementing a local highly professional sales and marketing person. His name is Alexis Tello, and he is doing a very great job. Latin America is huge, so, of course, we need to focus on countries we believe having the greatest chance of being successful, such as Mexico, Peru and Brazil. 

As founder and leader of an important company like Mohio, what do you think is your leadership style to better transmit your ideas and goals to your collaborators?

There are many different leadership styles and all of them have the right to exist. Some of them work and some are not so good. A good leadership is not a final destination, but an ongoing process for us. We are continuously grinding and crafting on it. One of the most important pillars to transmit our ideas and goals is our company’s vision. This is a central piece when it comes up to positive leadership. We strongly believe that success comes from the way we are doing our job. Once this is clearly defined and our employees and partners are able to identify with our ideas, correct decisions are taken and goals are met. Again, the central element is the identification to the company’s vision. This has nothing to do with being the market leader or earning the most money. These are results of WHY we are doing what we do: a) We are driven by challenging the status quo: b) We believe there are no limits, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in empowering people and organizations by giving them the best tools to grow.

Next Thursday, February 25th, you will be a speaker at a digital conference on European sports betting providers, organized by G&M News. Which concepts are you planning to share with attendees, and how relevant is for Mohio to participate in these types of academic panels?

It is a great honor and a pleasure to me and Mohio to be a part of this conference as a speaker. I’ll be sharing my personal experience and Mohio’s performance and development in order to, hopefully, help or inspire others with what I have to say. My concept is sharing real practical values and information to the attendees. 

Once the crisis caused by COVID-19 is left behind, how do you see next 24 months in terms of challenges to overcome and growth prospects for your company?

The pandemic is definitely a challenge for everybody, not only within our industry. As it happens with every challenge or crises, it is also a very good opportunity to rethink your status quo and reshape your internal structure, your portfolio or whatever it is necessary to keep your business going forward. Mohio is facing this challenge positively. We have started to dive in every detail of our company structure and decided to reshape it. We went through all different processes like our software development infrastructure, our marketing activities, our product portfolio and so on. During those processes, we understood what were our main strengths and weaknesses, and were able to adjust, correct and enhance each and every aspect of them, with great results. So if we have to look now to the next 24 months, I can affirm we are very confident on our work, our product and our company being a strong, valuable player of the iGaming industry.

The article was written by the G&M news

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