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The Best Distribution Channels of Gambling in 2019-2020, Distribution in Betting Game Industry

6 August 2019 | Products

Author: MOHIO Team

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The Best Distribution Channels of Gambling in 2019-2020, Distribution in Betting Game Industry

Selection of games and consideration of their tops is good, but you still need to know how to distribute these games. Many key business factors depend on the methods of distribution of games in the betting industry. From the number of employees and office-space rental to the methods of promotion, marketing. MOHIO selected the best distribution channels in gambling / betting industry.

The Best Distribution Channels of Gambling in 2019-2020, Distribution in Betting Game Industry


Land based distribution channels or, in other words, betting shops are the most popular distribution method in the gaming industry. Often, a large number of players who actively make bets create colossal energy and excitement. Most importantly, other gamers see the success of others and try to catch up with them. We advise the owners of betting shops to hold actions to lure customers, for example, free beer for the winner, or a free bet for regular customers.

  • Big turnovers
  • Regular players
  • The possibility of holding different actions
  • High level of engagement
  • Many variations of games

Land Based (retail) shop

TVs for the players can show the event regardless of the connection to the cashier's PC. The cashier accepts bets from the player and pay out the winnings. In addition, the broadcast can work independently of the cashier's PC.

Internet-cafe version

Player’s PCs offering all available games like Sports, Numbers and Racing Games. Before placing bets, players should log in with their own username and password. Cashiers take care of creating PC access and managing deposit and withdraw for customers.

Terminal version

There are 2 versions of self-service terminals:

  1. Self-service terminal with automatic cash withdrawal
  2. Self-service terminal with cash withdrawal through the cashier

The self-service terminal is often used in various supermarkets, shopping centres, cafes, stores, usually in places where there is very large traffic. The main advantage of this distribution channel is that players do not spend their valuable time visiting the previously listed establishments and can bet easily, without being distracted from their affairs.


Time does not stand still and is constantly moving forward. In the era of information technology can not ignore the online version of games. They are very popular among customers, as they guarantee payments, freedom of action, they are free from unnecessary worries associated with renting office-space or hiring staff. Online guarantees privacy and security. Is this not one of the most important thing for players? Yes, it is.

  • You can play anywhere in the world at any time.
  • No need to rent a space and hire staff
  • More interaction, player involvement
  • You get more player personal data.
  • The online market is growing rapidly every year.

Website version

Under the version for the website means the integration of gaming solutions (games) in the website (web portal). Players can enter the website and make bets from anywhere in the world at any time comfortable for them. In this case, the player does everything himself, he makes bets and withdraws money to e-wallets or to a bank account.

Mobile App

Every person has a smartphone, well, almost everyone has a smartphone. This is a mobile device on which you can install the application (game), which facilitates access for a potential player, so he does not need to open a browser, then enter the website address, wait for the data to download, then select the game, then wait for the content to load again. In this option, everything happens automatically, with one click opening the previously installed application.


As you can see, the distribution channels of gambling are many and they differ markedly from each other. We hope that our article has helped you understand the basic distribution methods and their features. You can always contact us by phone hotline, online chat or via instant messengers via this link. There are 3 main factors that characterize our support and distribution service: Prompt, reliable and friendly customer assistance. At any time MOHIO clients contact us in any way they like to receive immediate support without any bureaucracy. But also, the maintenance and support of MOHIO is not only assistance in emergency situations: we guarantee uninterrupted technical functioning and continuous improvement to the needs of the business.

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