THE NEW VIRTUAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE - a new much-anticipated game from MOHIO Sports

Wednesday, 17. February 2021

MOHIO Sports are excited to expand our virtual sports games portfolio with a new much-anticipated product: Virtual Football League. Developed in cooperation with our close partners, Virtual Football League combines the latest most authentic CGI technologies and an extensive selection of betting markets and real odds.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and football betting regularly generates huge profits for operators. However, real football has its own time restrictions - the new round of fixtures in the top leagues takes place no more than twice a week.

MOHIO Sports developers found a solution to this problem with our new Virtual Football. In this game, the action of the whole matchweek of the top English division is packed into a one-minute span! It helps punters to replace anxious waiting with sweet anticipation and operators to take their profits to even greater heights.

Advanced game engine blurs the boundaries between the virtual and real, thoroughly recreating the atmosphere and intensity of real football, accompanied by live commentators. All matches take place simultaneously, and a secure system renders the entertaining gameplay in real-time with random results.

Virtual Football from MOHIO Sports offers both standard bet types for everyday punters and additional markets for sophisticated players.

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