Turnkey Solutions For Bookmaker Franchise And Betting Shops

Thursday, 17. October 2019

There are many examples of turnkey business solutions in the world. For Ecommerce, this can be a ready-made online store based on an effective template, with filled demo content, such as products and information pages (which can easily be changed using the admin panel), as well as with a connected payment gateway, popular in the country where the customer lives. For a restaurant, it can be the use of a turnkey franchise, where you buy the right to use a franchise, and the founders of the franchise give you the design of the establishment, menu, corporate culture and advertising company thought out to the details. In both cases, you have a ready-made solution for opening a new business with step-by-step instructions for its development and with a guaranteed payback / income from it. But there is a minus in these schemes. You have to pay a lot of money to start such a business. 

The main difference of the MOHIO offer is that you do not need to invest any money to get an effective and profitable turnkey solution for the betting business, if you already have a Betting Shop or at least a license to provide gambling in your country.

What exactly do MOHIO Sports offer its B2B partners?

Convenient and intuitive management platform and secure software for cashiers


The development of all the software involved some of the best IT and design specialists in Europe. Every element, every interaction and every step of the user was thought out with awe by a whole team of experienced designers and business analysts. The platform allows you to keep a complete record of all financial transactions, control each product / game and manage all the cash registers in your system. No archaisms in 2020.

A set of branded by MOHIO and popular among the player's games of your choice

MOHIO offers a wide range of games in demand among players in different countries. From classic Keno to Racing Bet. From Roulette to Flash Soccer. Our games can captivate any audience. You name it. Contact us, you will be impressed by the set of games by MOHIO.

Customer and technical support 24/7


You get for free not only our products and software, but also a whole department of customer and technical support. You can always write or call and our experts will help you with any question related to our products. Also, our technicians and IT-specialists support continuous uptime of all servers, software and games. In addition, our support department constantly collects requests from clients and writes them into their development plans and future software releases.

Continuous system improvement

We constantly monitor the betting services market, all new software and products entering the market. In addition, we communicate with our partners and clients from all over the world for the deep understanding of all requests and trends in the global and regional markets, for the vision of both the overall picture and each of its details. In this regard, we keep abreast, and every 2 weeks we release an update to our system that improves: user experience, interface design, capabilities. In addition, it adds new functions and elements with which you can interact. You can always count on modern, reliable, safe, fast and, very importantly, the most convenient solutions with MOHIO Sports.

Development of new in demand games

Since the MOHIO team regularly conducts research on its business niche, we observe the trends of game development and the demand for various new gaming products that are coming out. We develop new profitable and interesting games according to the demands of the market and our partners.

We offer assistance in marketing and advertising of our products

We will provide you with all the related promotional materials, videos and features for each of our games. Also, we will help you with the choice of promotion method and positioning, so that the advertisement works successfully and hits the target.

Why should you choose MOHIO Sports?

Here the answer is as simple as possible, because in addition to successful 10 years of stable work experience in more than 30 countries. Apart from loyal big clients and partners in key industrial countries. Excluding even our innovative solutions and 300% safety. Despite technical support 24 on 7 for 365 days a year. MOHIO offers maximum adaptability/flexibility to the requirements and requests of any of our clients and partners. We offer turnkey solutions for bookmaker franchise and betting shops. This solution is only for existing betting business. Every Country and Continent, Nigeria or Latin America, Kazakhstan or Kenya, Italia or Zimbabwe etc.

Contact our chat on the website or call us, we will be happy to help you develop your business.