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Exploring the Benefits of Turnkey Sportsbook Software by Mohio

18 March 2024 | Articles

Author: MOHIO Team

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Exploring the Benefits of Turnkey Sportsbook Software by Mohio

Exploring the Benefits of Turnkey Sportsbook Software by Mohio

Read about the features of retail sports betting and how turnkey sportsbook software by Mohio can benefit both gambling operators and punters.

The Turnkey Sportsbook Solution for Retail Betting by Mohio: A Profit-Generating Tool at Its Best

Sports betting is an extremely lucrative business niche, with over 24,000 companies trying to carve their slice of the enormous revenue pie whose market size has reached the exorbitant $242 billion in 2023. And with every passing year, the industry's prospects look ever brighter, with its CAGR expected to exceed 16% by 2028 only in the USA.

Sports betting

Naturally, in the age of across-the-board digitalization, the vast majority of people wager online, leveraging respective software. To oblige them, iGaming operators can choose among several types of betting products (like fully-managed or white-label ones), where turnkey sportsbook software reigns supreme. However, a fair share of punters still practice good old retail gambling that requires a specialized sportsbook solution for implementation and support.

Online vs. Retail Betting Juxtaposed

In online betting, a turnkey sportsbook product contains all the necessary features (from executive panel and before-match statistics to payment processor and bet slip) and allows operators to integrate a betting platform into their website via a system of APIs. Such an approach is chosen by entrepreneurs with an existing customer base who want to expand their roster of services. They contact providers who perform the integration and enable gamblers to sign up, place bets, and withdraw their winnings (if any). 

Another option for online operators is to go for a modular turnkey solution. This scheme suits companies whose personnel have the technical background and skills to customize their betting platform according to their vision and requirements. The major advantage of such a model is greater control of the final product its owners receive. 

In either case, the best turnkey gambling solutions let people who wager online enjoy 24/7 availability and convenient access to gambling sites, complete privacy, extensive betting options, and a flexible cash-out. Yet, online betting has some downsides, such as account limitations, delayed withdrawals, temptations of overspending, and the threat of betting scams by unreliable bookmakers.

Retail betting is a totally different story. Here, punters come in person to a brick-and-mortar facility and place bets offline. It can be done with the help of the outlet’s staff or by gamblers themselves via a POS or self-service terminal. The main motive behind such behavior is not only the old-school charm it is associated with but also social engagement and interaction with both staff members and other punters (in fact, they can watch events live together), personalized assistance, enhanced odds, absence of fees, and instant payout. All these assets come together and translate into greater trust and customer loyalty, which are mission-critical success summands for a gambling venture. 

The specifics of the offline gambling procedure condition the usage of a different software type. 

The Turnkey Retail Betting Product by Mohio Scrutinized

The chief element of the retail turnkey sportsbook by Mohio is the Windows-based application installed on the cashier’s computer. It is scalable enough to be employed by any operators – from small local betting shops to large casinos and national lotteries. Thanks to it, the cashier accepts bets from people and pays out their gains. The app is also instrumental in printing out or displaying the list of current or upcoming sports events (with betting odds) on a TV screen for the convenience of customers present in the outlet. 

Other vital assets of the app include:

  • A user-friendly interface. It is intuitive and foolproof in usage, which spells a mild learning curve even for people with little technical background. Thanks to it, cashiers can easily navigate the app and have no problems with placing bets.
  • Availability of various betting options. The app caters to a wide user audience, enabling punters to wager both on traditional sports and virtual games.
  • Real-time updates. Using them, operators can offer gamblers the latest betting rates and inform them about events occurring at any given moment. 
  • Efficient bet processing. The procedure takes just a few seconds, thus minimizing waiting time for bettors and augmenting their gambling experience.
  • Reporting and analytics tools. These allow operators to make knowledgeable and data-driven decisions regarding their business strategy.
  • Fine-tuning opportunities. Such aspects as betting rates, payment limits, etc., can be tweaked to dovetail into the operator's business requirements and local legislation norms.

A special perk of our product is its semi-online functionality. It boils down to the ability of the cashier to create gamblers' accounts. Once it is done, customers can log in on our site (we can customize the URL to meet the operator’s requirements) and bet at will. Why is this system only semi- but not completely online? Because bettors still have to interact with the cashier to perform all financial operations (like depositing or withdrawing money).

What makes our turnkey sports betting software unique is its wide adaptability. The product can function in various retail environments depending on the version you select. In addition to the above-mentioned cashier and semi-online solutions, we also have a sportsbook variety for self-service betting terminals (SSBTs), thus increasing the number of channels gamblers use to indulge in their favorite pastime. 

If you, as an operator, harness Mohio’s turnkey sportsbook, it will be highly instrumental in addressing the major challenges of the retail betting industry.

  • Regulatory compliance. Our solution can be adjusted to comply with a wide variety of legal frameworks and let operators avoid legislative pitfalls. 
  • Operational efficiency. The app’s easy-to-handle UI minimizes workflow bottlenecks, which translates into a greater number of customers served by a cashier.
  • Resilience to volatile market conditions. The solution has a high potential for customization, enabling operators to take the volatile market situation in its stride and conform to customer preferences, sharpening the company's competitive edge.
  • Attracting and retaining clientele. The extensive gamut of betting options and operational convenience contribute to robust customer engagement and facilitate client retention on a large scale.

As you see, acquiring Mohio’s turnkey sportsbook is a wise investment that can pay off very quickly and yield substantial ROI down the line. Contact us to start your voyage to the bonanza shore.

Summing It up

Today's sports betting industry is a huge market with significant growth potential, attracting investors by the dozen. Despite the domination of the online gambling sector, retail betting remains an attractive business niche thanks to the human touch it carries, the high odds it offers, and the instant payout it provides. Such opportunities are enabled via the employment of specialized betting software.

The turnkey retail sportsbook by Mohio is an excellent example of such solutions. Its Windows-based high-end app, semi-online functionality, and the existence of the SSBT version allow punters to enjoy wagering to the maximum and help operators provide first-rate services to customers irrespective of the size or location of their brick-and-mortar betting facility.

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