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How to Support Betting Business in Quarantine Betting Lockdown 2020

19 May 2020 | News

Author: MOHIO Team

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How to Support Betting Business in Quarantine Betting Lockdown 2020

During a pandemic-based quarantine, almost all the betting shops in the world are frozen or very limited within the maximum allowed amount of players. In this regard, we can safely say that all ground betting business with players is also suspended. So how do betting businesses survive in the period of closing ground betting points and canceling almost all sporting events? How to maintain and support the flow of income and even increase it?

How to Support Betting Business in Quarantine Betting Lockdown 2020


Due to global self-isolation during the quarantine period, the Internet has become extremely lively and replenished with many millions of new regular users. On YouTube videos, the number of views has increased graphically from 20% to 60%.. Also online and activity on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK etc. The number and activity of players of the most popular games in the world, such as DOTA, LOL, Fortnite, Overwatch, CS: GO, FIFA, NBA, has greatly increased. All these factors bring income to video hosting, social. networks, games and other services. So why betting business shouldn't use this feature in order to stay afloat with income, and even possibly increase it?


Land-based betting is the basis that has been working and will work for many years. But in the current period, it is forbidden to gather in small rooms/premises groups of people, especially crowds. And in order to be independent of external conditions, countries, locations and to cover a huge layer of the online audience, which is growing more and more every year, it’s necessary to expand the business towards online solutions. We understand that it’s not easy to immediately go abruptly to full online, and this does not always make sense, because this is only a temporary pandemic situation. In this regard, MOHIO offers a semi-online solution that stands on the border between land-based and online betting.

Independence from external factors 

You are not dependent to land-based ground betting shops and it doesn’t matter whether players can visit your shop or not. Also, the availability of live sporting events are optional. In the next paragraph, you will find out why.

AI Simulation Of Real Sporting Events

With virtual games, especially those that use AI simulations of reality, real sports events are not needed, the game itself generates them. For example, FIFA 20, which MOHIO offers, has all the major leagues and national teams.

Business Automation 

This decision minimizes the interaction of personnel with the players or it’s completely absent since almost the entire game process (except for replenishment of the deposit) occurs from the player’s home computer or mobile phone, or even from the self-service terminal.

Increased Security

In contrast to the usual retail of ground-based points for receiving bets, in a semi-online solution, crowds of people who are waiting in line for the opportunity to make a bet through a cashier will not gather. In the case of self-service terminals, there is no human factor and an error in checking the ticket and issuing the winning amount is impossible. If we talk about the online solution, then, in this case, the points for receiving bets are not needed at all, all the data on accounting and games are stored on ultra-secure servers and you always have access to them.


You can use land-based betting shops and cashiers as the starting point for depositing funds to punter accounts, and then the player can enter the game and place bets through his phone or PC. The so-called “semi-online” solution. Thus, you can use the proposed MOHIO products, for example, FIFA 20 virtual football and NBA2K basketball, these two games are available for connection right now. We also bring to your attention dog races and horse races - with real races recorded in FULL HD quality in the Racing Bet game. With the right approach in a difficult quarantine period, you can not only keep the business afloat but also revise its focus. MOHIO offers a wide range of solutions, from software and games for ground betting shops and self-service terminals to web versions of terminal and retail games.

Write in the MOHIO online chat and we will help with connecting the games that are in demand on the market during the quarantine period and share solutions for the distribution of these games.

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